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Oh and since I'm in an updating mood (more the better to procrastinate the knitting and the writing), I decided to knit a shawl as a present (Elizabeth Zimmermann's Pi are Squared), using some Paton's Decor that I've had for awhile (oh, for say 5+ years and and bought for another project which it will never get used for). I have skeins in three shades of pink/rose/wine and decided to start with the lightest pink and then switch to the medium shade to finish when I ran out. Needless to say, I decided I didn't like the two shades together as much as I had thought, so now I've ordered some more Decor (handy that Paton's doesn't change that color list too often) and I'm hoping that the yarn dye lot I get will somehow magically match the dye lot I have. I'm nothing if not optimistic!

Now I really must start on the doily set I'm knitting for another present. And hopefully today will go better and I won't do any frogging. (Which is a new knitting term I recently learned). http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter03/FEATwin03TT.html

hehehe... :-D
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I was given the cutest book for Christmas, The Yarn Harlot by Stephanie Pearl McPhee. I would highly recommend it. Very entertaining and I must admit, I'm not as fanatical as Stephanie, but I could identify with much of what she wrote. She also has a blog, www.yarnharlot.ca which is definitely worth a look.

I got my Vogue Knitting Winter 2006 issue the other day and was looking through it and I'm not sure why I'm surprised, but knitting has truely hit the 21st century. Yes, knitting has joined the world of Pod Casts. www.caston.com and www.knitcast.com are two podcast sites. Who would have thunk...the woman (Marie Irshad, who is located in Wales) who does the knitcast pod casts has a blog as well: http://scifiville.typepad.com She confesses to being a scifi geek, hence the scifiville website. I wonder if she watches Stargate? :-)
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Awesome byaudrich

I got this via e-mail from Lion Brand Yarn

Blankets for Biloxi - An Urgent Need

Today, in the middle of December, tens of thousands of people are huddling in tent cities or trailers or cars in the Gulf Coast of this country. In Mississippi on August 29th, 65,000 buildings were destroyed and 65,000 were damaged; in one of the counties every single car was destroyed. During the summer, the residents of this area were working and taking care of their families and today most of them are cold and broke.

The people of Mississippi are a proud people. For the last 3 years in a row, although they have the lowest per capita income in the country, they have donated the highest percent of their income to charitable giving and they don't ask for handouts easily.

We were told about this by Steve Richer, Executive director of Mississippi's Gulf Coast Convention and Visitors Bureau. He has transformed the nature of his work over the last 3½ months and has been totally immersed in getting help for the people of his state. Steve called because he heard that Lion Brand was looking for a location where our readers could send donations to help keep those who lost their homes in Hurricane Katrina warm in this cold weather. As we spoke he was driving in his car through police barricades near the beach. "It is hard to imagine the devastation down here. This is the worst natural disaster in the history of the United States. All we can do is keep people warm and healthy and get them back to work. A few nights ago, we had a terrible rain and the temperature was 30 degrees. Imagine you are a mother with two children, living in a tent under these conditions. It is mind-blowing. People are not getting the help that they need fr om the government. They are getting vital assistance from faith based organizations and private individuals."

A recent editorial in the local paper, the Sun Herald has these words from the people of Mississippi:

We are here. Do not forsake us.

We are no footnote.

And one more thing...

Thank you. To every out-of-state volunteer, to every friend and family member who has sent supplies or prayers, we sincerely thank you.

And we ask that you do one more thing: Call your senators and your congressional representative and ask them to support additional aid for South Mississippi's recovery.

Lion Brand is asking our loving knitters and crocheters to help. Blankets are desperately needed. Prayer shawls and any other means of helping keep people warm are welcome. You can use our printable prayer shawl cards or Lion Brand Art cards to attach a personal note to the items you send. A hand-made donation will mean a lot! If you send blankets, please send those that are warm and clean. For the next 2 months warmth is crucial. If you don't have a gift to send now, it will be welcomed when you have finished it, especially in January. Here is the address to ship to:

The Fox Den
c/o Mr. Randy May
2nd Street @ Menge Ave.
Pass Christian, MS 39571
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Crocheting joy

I finished both wedding afghans I was working on, and now I've started a scrap afghan out of all the leftover yarn I have in my yarn cubbies. It's about a 2-foot square now. I really was planning to start Christmas presents, but the yarn scraps were calling to me.
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There is officially nothing I hate more about knitting than blocking, so I figured I'd ask all you knowledgeable people for your favorite techniques.

My blocking technique until now has mostly been one of "avoid whenever possible!" I tend to sew together all sweater pieces without blocking them and then, er, shake out the sweater and/or wear it around until it's properly shaped, but this seems like a... rather wrong way to go about it, and doesn't work for pieces intended to stay flat (like scarves, etc).

Anyone have any better ways of doing things?
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knitting chevrons: the next generation

I come in search of WISDOM, o fellow geek knitters!

I want to knit Atlantis chevrons into a baby blankie. Unlike the old-skool SG-1 chevrons, which are solid shapes, the Atlantis chevrons are dots (stars) with lines connecting them... therefore ack! New plan required.

I'm trying to figure out the best way to represent them in a baby-safe project (so, no buttons to choke on and no loose strings to catch fingers in). w0lfstar and I batted some ideas around and thought bobbles in a contrast color might have to be involved... I thought I could then backstitch (with very small stitches) the lines between them, but I'm not sure if that would a) look really dorky, and b) still be a baby-finger hazard.

Any ideas?

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So, I've been taking a bit of a break from writing and doing more knitting. Socks mostly. I have so much sock yarn, I have to start knitting it up! Everyone gets socks for Christmas this year.

I found a pattern that has a reinforced heel flap (that doesn't use nylon) that I really like. If anyone's interested, I'll post the details here.

Right now, I'm working on some baby bootie/socks in a wonderful, little sock pattern. I think they're much better than booties--as they stay on the little ones foot. Found them here: http://www.socknitters.com/PATTERNS/infant.htm
They're especially fun to knit in self-striping yarn. Just like itty bitty socks. A great way to try sock knitting, if you're too leery to start a full-sized pair.

Oh...and I think I've persuaded kismatt to try and cobble together a pattern for the poncho Sam is wearing in the final fishing scene from Threads. I'll keep bugging her. ;-)
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Deadline is fast approaching for "Sew Much More Than it Seams" fanish craft book. For those wishing to submit patterns for the book need to get them in soon. April 18 is the deadline. If you have a pattern you want to get in, please contact us at: Fanishcrafts@yahoo.com